Baby, it’s cold out there. Like really, really cold. While we’d prefer lounging poolside in some tropical location over trekking through the arctic tundra, we’re trying to make the best of the situation. Our remedy for the scaves of 2014? 12 of our warmest and most popular scarves, so you can stay warm while braving the elements and look cute doing it!



Let’s put some spring in your step and shake off those winter blues with our latest, vibrant, collection of new arrivals. Known for their exceptional quality, and fashion prowess these shorts are a definite must-have for Spring. These aren’t just any “regular” kicks, in an effort to distinguish ourselves from other North American stores we went straight to the European and Japanese markets to pull some exclusive styles just for you. Outside of those two markets, Canada is the only other place where you can get your feet into these Classics. Hurry before we run out!


Men's clothing

Over the years we’ve found something very unique about our customers, they are quite the inquisitive bunch. They are always curious to know where a particular brand is from, how it’s made, who makes it, why it costs what it does, so on and so forth. As such, we figured what better way to answer some of those questions than to go to the brands themselves. In our Designer Profile series we sit down with owners, manufacturers, artisans and designers alike to give you an insider look into some of your favourite brands.


So we say the personal style blogger isn't going anywhere—in fact, she's more powerful than ever.

Some say the age of the personal style blogger is over.Today, the girl needs more than an outfit, a boyfriend, and a camera. Bloggers need to think about production quality, editorial strategy, and affiliate programs to really gain a foothold on the web. They are more like editors, creating publications worthy of a million-person audience than a few thousand super-fans.Yet it still comes down to that camera. Nine times out of 10,